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About Weeks Machine Venice Florida Circus Work

Walter Weeks was the founder and established Weeks Machine Shop in 1957. Weeks started out by fabricating and welding for the circus in Venice and Sarasota. This included building prototypes for lion and tiger cages, welding supplies for stunts and simple repairs of all types. This is how Weeks got their start at becoming the business that it is today. Eventually, the business grew and brought along new types and styles of machining and fabricating.

About Weeks Machine Venice Florida

Rich Grose

Rich Grose then started with Weeks in 1996, and later purchased it, keeping it up and running while expanding the variety of jobs along the way. He brought all new types of work to the business, including ornamental ironwork (as seen in the picture in front of a Lakewood Rach house) and structural steel welding. Rich then sold the business to the current owner in 2012

About Weeks Machine Doug Lindsay

Doug Lindsay

The current owner, Doug Lindsay, works on a variety of levels, from small repairs to fully custom jobs of any type. This includes prototyping for inventors and engineers! Between the high quality and enormous variety of their work, hardly any job is too big or too small for Weeks to handle.


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